Welcome!  This is your Priemere Canine Boarding Facility

We are located in the Conejo Valley between
Moorpark and Camarillo along Santa Rosa Road. 


The Ranch...

Staffed by certified, well-trained canine experts, our facility is a fenced, private, 1.5 arces play Ranch, that enables dogs to play and socialize, in a safe controlled environment, on synthetic turf designed expressly for dogs.  In addition to many canine toys and fun play structures, the Ranch features a 16,000-gallon, in-ground pool that allows dogs to have fun all day long.


The Kennel House...

Our dogs sleep inside at night in a temperature controlled room, in their very own custom built dog den. We have dens large enough to accommodate multiple dog families. Your dog will always feel at ease in our home environment with a dog lover that sleeps on site.

Our Services...

Dog Training...

Our team of dog trainers has a variety of techniques and tools to make you successful in any situation. We’ll design a program to meet the specific needs of you and your dog, regardless of his issues, age or breed. And with our training solutions success is guaranteed!


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Dog Boarding...

Guests that stay overnight at the Ventura County Dog Boarding & Training Center enjoy comfortable accommodations, loving attention and plenty of opportunities to get outside and play. Our Climate-controlled Kennel House keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We surpass industry-leading protocols to ensure the health and happiness of all of our guests. Programs are personalized for the unique needs of each guest.


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Doggie Daycare...

The Ventura County Dog Boarding & Training Center has over 20,000 square feet and safe outdoor space for your dog to enjoy. Your dog will receive the optimum amount of play and exercise for his physical and mental well being. They will have lots of similarly-sized playmates to romp with, but individual play is also available for less social or older dogs. The play area is continuously monitored by our highly trained staff, ensuring your dog’s enjoyment and safety.


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To schedule a kennel visit, call 805-444-4916 or email ann@vcdogboarding.com.  No kennel visits one week prior or one week after a major holiday.  Thank you!

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10240 Principe Place

Camarillo, CA  93012


Email: ann@vcdogboarding.com
Tel:  805-444-4916

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