Dog Training / Obedience...

Our team of dog trainers has a variety of techniques and tools to make you successful in any situation. We’ll design a program to meet the specific needs of you and your dog, regardless of his issues, age or breed. And with our training solutions success is guaranteed!


7 Week Group Class Basic K9 Obedience

$400.00 (No Provided Equipment)

$450.00 (Equipment provided: choke chain, 6ft Leather Leash, 15ft Training Leash)


Our training class is located in Moorpark, CA in Ventura County.


AKC CGC Testing $20.00 (+ $20 to AKC)


During this course, your dog will learn:

  • On and Off lease heeling

  • Recall of your dog

  • Finish of your dog

  • Sit

  • Sit Stay (up to 3 min)

  • Down

  • Down Stay (up to 3 min)

  • Not to pull (walking in the heeling pocket)

  • Not to jump up

  • And more....


Is your dog trained?


I frequently receive calls from pet owners who already have a

"trained" dog. Take this simple quiz.


  • Can your dog walk past other pets with out pulling or outbursts?

  • Does your dog come to you reliably off leash, Every Time?

  • Can you request your pet to "down" successfully?

  • Will your pet respond to you when distractions are present?

  • Can your dog greet your guests WITHOUT jumping, barking,

       crotch sniffing, or aggressive behavior?

Next Class  is August 25th, 2021
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